At the beginning of every year, organizations set their legal action plans, and in doing so, it is important to keep a clear vision of the legal duties that must be complied with. To ease up such planning, Lloreda Camacho & Co. shares with its clients and allies this summary of legal annual duties to be fulfilled by companies and entities in Colombia.

Our aim as Strategic Partners, is to provide key information in an uncomplicated way, ratifying our commitment to pursue the success of your businesses.

Annual Duties 2024

*Exclusive Bref for Clients and Allies of Lloreda Camacho & Co. Lloreda Camacho& Co. prohibits unauthorized reprodution and/or distribution. The nature of this brief is informative and doesn’t constitute a legal opinion or legal service. For detailed information, legal asistance or particular case analysis please contact Lloreda Camacho & Co. All duties described in this brief are mandatory for those entities and individuals to whom regulations and laws are applicable.

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