Foreign Non-Profit Organizations 

There are 4 main obligations:


Every employer has the obligation to increase the minimum wage and the integral minimum wage. That is, as of January 1, 2024, a minimum salary of COP $1.300.000 must be paid to the employees. For those employees who earn an integral salary, they must be paid, at least, COP $16.900.000.

In addition to the monthly salary, excluding employees who earn an integral salary, employers must pay the fringe benefits established by Law.

2.1. Economic Benefits:

2.1.1. Severance = 1 month of salary per year of services. It must be liquidated every December 31 and transferred to a special fund chosen by the employee before February 15 of the following year.

2.1.2. Interest over Severance = 12% annual calculated over the value of the severance. It must be paid to the employee during the month of January of each year.

2.1.3. Legal Bonus = Each semester, 15 days of salary are paid. Payment dates June 30 and December 20.

2.2. Benefits in kind:

2.2.1. Footwear and Clothing: 1 footwear and clothing every 4 months to employees who earn up to 2 minimum wages per month. This benefit must be given on April 30, August 31, and December 20. A certain quality or value is not required.

2.2.2. Legal Transportation allowance: Consists of the monthly payment of a fixed sum to employees who earn up to two minimum wages, which for 2024 is COP $162.000.

Every year the employee has the right to 15 working days of paid leave. It is mandatory that employees enjoy, at least, 6 business days of vacation per year.

After implementing the SG-SST, employers have periodic obligations that they must comply with.

4.1. Health and Safety Committee: The committee must meet monthly.

4.2. Labor Harassment Prevention Committee: The committee must meet every three months.

4.3. Annual risk prevention training program: Staff must be trained annually on the risks to which they may be exposed in their work and ways of controlling said risks.

 4.4. Annual work plan:

The annual work plan must be adjusted every year to update the goals, responsibilities, resources, schedule of activities, among others.

4.5. Periodic medical evaluations: To constantly monitor the risk factors that employees face, an annual medical evaluation is suggested.

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